Dr. Deane’s Breast Procedure Offerings in Garden City NY

By Dr. Deane on January 19, 2022 under Breast Augmentation, Breast Lift, Breast Reduction

Dr. Deane’s Breast Procedure Offerings in Garden City NY

If you’ve been thinking of getting a breast procedure, it’s important to work with a qualified plastic surgeon who will address all of your concerns. The right doctor will also give you an accurate idea of how your procedure will turn out and offer effective suggestions for aftercare. Dr. Leland Deane, a RealSelf top doctor and member of the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, is here to help you select the breast surgery that is best to help you accomplish your aesthetic goals. Here are some of the procedures you may want to consider.

Breast Augmentation

A breast augmentation is the medical procedure of correcting the shape or volume of the breast through saline or silicone implants. Based on the results you want, the implants can improve the overall appearance of your breast, whether or not you have the procedure performed with a breast lift. An augmentation can also restore lost volume in the breast due to breastfeeding or age or provide the volume you’ve always wanted. You’d be a good candidate for breast augmentation if you want a bigger cup size or want to fill out your clothing. The procedure is also beneficial for making the breasts more symmetrical.

Breast Lift

A breast lift involves lifting the breast so they return to their original position. This procedure doesn’t make the breast bigger unless you decide to have an augmentation along with the breast lift. Some patients choose to have a breast reduction with the lift. If you want your breasts to look the way they did before having a baby, want to restore the elasticity of your breasts, or want your breasts to face forward instead of downward, a breast lift may be the best procedure for you. This procedure is also beneficial if you don’t want to change the size of your breasts but want them to sit higher on your chest.

Breast Reduction

Many women are looking to make their breast bigger and perkier. However, some women don’t like the excess volume of their breasts. Extremely large breasts can also cause pain in the neck, back and shoulders. Some women also feel that their clothing options are limited when their breasts are too large.

A breast reduction is a surgical procedure that reshapes and lifts the breast to reduce their size and make the breasts more proportionate to the body. This procedure can relieve pain and pressure in the back, shoulders, and neck, and can provide mental and physical benefits for the patient. This procedure is best for women who feel their breasts are too large for their bodies and are experiencing severe pain or limited physical activity due to their breast size.

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