Hair loss is an incredibly common issue that affects both men and women, which can be attributed to age, genetics, and medical conditions. Once hair has moved past the “thinning” stage, and the follicles are no longer active, topical treatments and supplements won’t help restore your natural hair. For most people affected by premature hair loss, it can be damaging to one’s self-confidence.

What is a Hair Transplant?

During a transplant, hair follicles are moved from one area of your body and transferred to the sparser areas. Usually, local anesthesia will be used in both the donor and recipient areas for added comfort. The donor area will be detached and divided hundreds or perhaps even thousands of tiny segments, each containing active hair follicles. These tiny parts of your scalp will then be transplanted into areas of concern on your head.

Who Is a Good Candidate?

If the following reasons sound like your hair loss concerns, a hair transplant may be right for you:

  • You are starting to see male or female pattern baldness
  • Your hair loss is not associated with medication, stress or medical treatments
  • Your hair follicles are inactive and cannot be treated non-surgically
  • You have enough hair growth or follicles elsewhere to harvest hair from

Post-Surgery & Healing

After surgery, you may be given bandages for your scalp, which will likely need to be worn for at least two days. Your scalp may be very sensitive after the procedure, but Dr. Deane will provide you with medication and post care instructions to help ease the pain and heal properly. You should be able to return to work after a hair transplant within a few days depending on your occupation. Hair transplants are intended to have permanent results. However, the number of treatments needed is case by case, and will be discussed at a consultation.

Hair Transplant Surgery by

Dr. Leland M. Deane Plastic Surgery

Dr. Deane looks forward to the opportunity to help you regain your confidence through a hair transplant. Hair transplant is the permanent solution you’ve been looking for, and Dr. Deane is ready to help you find your ideal treatment plan. Contact us today to schedule an appointment at one of the area locations. Dr. Deane meets his patients in Garden City, Babylon as well as Manhattan.