In addition to adding volume, lifting the breasts can provide a more youthful and symmetrical appearance. Breast lifts can be done alone or in conjunction with a breast augmentation. The sagging of breasts can be caused by the natural aging process, drastic weight loss pregnancy or breastfeeding.

What is a Breast Lift?

A breast lift consists of lifting the breasts back to their original perky position. This procedure has little to do with size unless it is paired with a breast reduction or breast augmentation. There are various techniques that can address a wide variety of characteristics. Dr. Deane will work with you to address your specific concerns and choose the best technique for you.

Who Is a Candidate for a Breast Lift?

Depending on your aesthetic goals, you may opt for a lift on its own or pair with a re-sizing procedure. A lift may be a great solution for you if any of the following characteristics concern you or make you feel self-conscience.

  • You are happy with size of your breasts but they are lower than you would prefer
  • Your breasts are no longer firm and the skin lacks proper elasticity
  • Your nipples point downward instead of facing forward
  • You want to get your pre-baby breasts back

Post Procedure & Recovery

Since there are a few different methods in which the breasts can be lifted, your scar placement will vary. Incisions can be made around the areolas, from the areola to the natural crease, and horizontally along the breast creases. These scars will begin to fade over time becoming less noticeable.

After the procedure, you will be bandaged and instructed to wear compression garments that help maintain your new tissue distribution. You may have drains to look after depending how extensive the lift was. Following the procedure, it will be very important to closely follow your post-procedure care instructions for the best possible outcome. Full recovery can take anywhere between two to six weeks, and you will need to limit moderate to rigorous physical activity for at least two weeks.

Breast Lift FAQs

Is a breast lift covered by insurance?

Breast lifts are usually not covered by insurance.

Do I need a breast lift or just implants?

That requires a consult to discuss this with the surgeon. Usually, a lift along will be sufficient.

Do you lose sensation with breast lift?

No! Sensation is almost never lost from the breast lift procedure.

Do you still have feeling in your nipples after breast lift?

Yes! A breast lift will only result in loss of feeling in very rare cases.

How do you shower after a breast lift?

Early showers are recommended.

How long do breast lift results last?

Usually, a breast lift never has to be repeated.

How long does a breast lift take?

Outpatient surgery usually takes under three hours.

How painful is a breast lift?

Not painful - usually taken care of with Tylenol.

How soon after breast lift can I exercise?

It is usually recommended to wait 2-3 weeks after the procedure to begin exercising again.

Is getting a breast lift safe?

Yes! Getting a breast lift is considered a safe procedure.

What types of breast lifts are there?

There are a variety of different breast lifts. To determine which breast lift is right for you, meet with your surgeon to discuss your options.

Will a breast lift reduce cup size?

A breast lift procedure will only minimally reduce your cup size.

Will a breast lift remove stretch marks?

To some degree, yes, a breast lift will remove stretch marks.

Will breast lift affect breastfeeding?

No! A breast lift will not affect breastfeeding.

Does a breast lift cost more than implants?

It depends. This is a discussion to have with your surgeon.

Breast Lift Surgery by

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