Eyelid surgery, also called blepharoplasty, is a surgical procedure that corrects loose skin, drooping upper eyelids, and puffy undereye areas. Occasionally, these attributes have the potential to obscure your vision. This procedure alters these characteristics caused by genetics or the natural aging process. The result will leave you looking more youthful, alert, and refreshed.

What Eye Characteristics Can Eyelid Surgery Address?

  • Excess skin exaggerating the fold of the upper eyelid
  • Loose skin of the upper eyelid that impairs vision
  • Puffy upper eyelids that look tired
  • Fine lines and thin skin that appears “crepey”
  • Stubborn dark circles and “bags” under the eyes

Eyelid Surgery Options & Process

Since there are a variety of concerns associated with the eye area, this results in a few different options/techniques that can be done to correct your problem areas.

Upper Eyelids

The incision will be made in the natural crease, then excess skin, muscle, and fat will be removed. Your surgeon will indicate the natural lines and creases of your eyelids to be used as a guide, therefore, keeping scars hidden. Small sutures will be used to close the incisions to ensure proper healing.

Lower Eyelids

Traditionally, the incision is made just below the lash line, excess skin is then trimmed and tightened. When using the transconjunctival (incisions made from the inside) method, the excess fat is removed through a transconjunctival incision, but not excess skin. This is especially effective in improving lower eyelid bags and puffiness.

Eyelid Surgery by

Dr. Leland M. Deane Plastic Surgery

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