High cheekbones have long been a desired trait that help give the face structure and definition. Chin and cheek implants can improve the facial profile by adding balance to the face. Chin implants add symmetry of the face, while cheek implants add volume to the mid-face. Permanent chin and cheek implants can result in a youthful and elegant look.

Who Should Consider a Chin or Cheek Implants?

Chin Implants

If you have a weak, unpronounced chin, and would like to strengthen the appearance of your profile, chin implants might be the solution for you. There are a variety of sizes available in the silicone implants but custom implants are an option as well. The incision will be made on the underside of the chin or inside the mouth in an inconspicuous location.

Cheek Implants

If you hope to increase the definition and fullness of your cheeks, cheek implants lift and volumize the mid-face region. Cheek implants can restore the contour and proportion to your face structure reduced by the aging process. The incision for cheek implants is typically made inside the mouth or through a lower eyelid.

What to Expect from the Procedure

Having an initial consultation with a board-certified plastic surgeon is important. During the consultation, you will discuss your aesthetic goals. Before the procedure, it is recommended that you stop smoking at least six weeks before surgery to ensure proper healing. Also, avoid taking any medications that can cause increased bleeding, such as ibuprofen or NSAIDs.

With any surgery, proper hydration is very important before and after the procedure for recovery.

Chin and Cheek Implants by

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