Ear surgery, also known as otoplasty, is a cosmetic procedure that alters the size, position or how far the ear protrudes from the head. Results vary for each patient due to the wide variety of aesthetic goals each patient may have.

Otoplasty increases confidence in patients making them less self-conscience of the size of their ears. In addition to augmenting the size and shape, ear pinning can help flatten the ears to the side of the head.

What Issues Can Ear Surgery Address?

  • Overly large or small ears
  • Disproportionate or asymmetric ears
  • Ears that stick out prominently
  • Ears that have been affected by trauma, changing the shape or position of your ears.

Who is a Good Candidate?

To start, patient’s ears should have reached their full size, which typically happens around six years old. If you are in good overall health, have an optimistic outlook and realistic expectations, you are likely a good candidate for this procedure. Children and adults alike can benefit from this procedure.

What You Can Expect with Ear Surgery

Depending on your structure and aesthetic goals, your surgeon may make an incision inside or behind the ear. Additional cartilage or soft tissue that makes the ear protrude too much may be trimmed. If natural folds are missing from the ear, they can be formed by using the cartilage with permanent sutures or modifying the cartilage to add contour. Sometimes a compound technique is needed to achieve the desired result.

Ear Surgery Recovery

Post-surgery, bandages will be applied to the head. The bandage helps secure the ears in place and improves the result, aiding the healing process. The bandages are then removed within a week and replaced with fresh smaller dressings. Like most surgeries, it’s recommended that you limit your activity to give yourself the best chance to heal. To avoid complications, be sure to follow the post-op instructions you are given to the best of your ability.

Ear Surgery by

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