What Does Breast Lift Recovery Look Like?

By Dr. Deane on September 18, 2023 under Breast Lift

What Does Breast Lift Recovery Look Like?

Pregnancy, changes in your weight, and aging cause your breasts to sag due to a loss of elasticity. A breast lift procedure works to lift, tighten, and reshape your breasts. Also referred to as a mastopexy, this surgery can improve other imperfections, such as asymmetry. It is common to have a breast lift as part of a breast reduction or augmentation, but undergoing a breast lift alone may be a good option for you. However, as with any procedure, understanding the recovery process is key to ideal results.

Two to Three Days

For the first two to three days, it is not uncommon to experience pain that can be managed with the pain medication that your surgeon prescribes. Any nausea you experience typically goes away on its own without needing any medicines. Within this time frame, if your surgeon inserted any drains or used surgical dressings during surgery, they will remove them. However, you might still need to wear compression bandages and your surgical bra. Gentle showers are encouraged in these early stages.

One to Two Weeks

A week after surgery, it is not uncommon to still have some swelling and bruising, but the pain is usually far less at this point. If your job is light duty, you may be cleared to go back to work. However, any strenuous movements should still be avoided.

Once you are two weeks out from a breast lift, most patients can return to their daily activities again. However, vigorous activities should still be avoided. Depending on the techniques utilized, some patients may feel fully recovered within just two weeks– consult Dr. Deane to make sure you can safely return to your routine. For most patients, the incisions are healed at this point, and you can take a bath again.

Four to Six Weeks

If your breast lift requires a more intensive approach, you can usually go back to full activity, including vigorous exercise at the four-week mark. However, any activity that could involve contact with your breasts should be exercised with caution– if you play a sport like tennis for exercise, Dr. Deane may advise against it for another two weeks.

Once you get to six weeks after a breast lift, even more intense cases should be fully healed. However, it is possible to still have some swelling and bruising, though typically minor at this point. Your surgeon will likely clear you to wear a bra with an underwire and you can start sleeping on your sides and abdomen again. You can also usually do any exercise now without exceptions.

Understanding Your Personal Recovery

At the end of the day, breast lift recovery is unique to every patient’s case. It could take anywhere from two weeks to over a month until you’re fully healed, so it is vital to pay attention to your body’s response and exercise caution with daily activities. In addition, finding a trusted provider who will walk you through the process from start to finish makes a huge difference.

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