The Best Way To Recover From Surgery In The Summer

By Dr. Deane on June 14, 2023 under Plastic Surgery

The Best Way To Recover From Surgery In The Summer

The summer months can be a difficult time to recover from surgery. With hot weather and long days filled with fun activities, finding the time and energy to properly recover from a plastic surgery procedure can be difficult. However, proper rest and recovery are essential to a successful surgery and avoiding potential long-term damage or complications.

That’s why following certain guidelines and knowing the best ways to recover from surgery in the summer is vital for patients undergoing plastic surgery. Let’s take a look at some of the best ways to recover from surgery during the summer months.

Stay Out of the Sun

The sun is the enemy of a patient recovering from surgery. Prolonged exposure to the sun’s harmful rays can increase the risk of peeling skin, delayed healing, complications, and infections. For that reason, patients should try to stay out of direct sunlight as much as possible.

Limit Exercise

It’s also important to let your muscles rest when you can. Particularly during the summer, patients should ensure they don’t engage in strenuous exercise or other activities that would strain their muscles, such as running or mowing the lawn. If you need to exercise, be sure you’re using gentle movements and avoiding sudden motions.

Drink Plenty of Water

Drinking enough water is beneficial to your health all the time, but it can be especially important for recovery. Patients who don’t drink enough of the liquid can experience dehydration, which can cause fatigue and muscle cramps. Drinking enough water can also ease constipation which can make the recovery process a lot easier to deal with.

Because of the issues that come with not drinking enough water, patients should drink at least eight glasses of fluid daily during their recovery period. With plastic surgery, it can ensure the skin heals properly and that it heals more quickly. Even after recovery, drinking plenty of water can help you maintain your results.

Eat Healthy

Eating a healthy diet can be beneficial to make sure you’re getting the nutrients your body needs and lead to an overall healthier recovery. Eating a well-balanced diet will help you avoid complications and reduce bruising, swelling, and scarring. It can also reduce inflammation and ensure you’re healing properly.

No Swimming

Patients should avoid swimming for at least six weeks following surgery to ensure their incisions heal, although the exact time you should avoid the activity depends on how extensive the surgery is and how fast you’re healing.

Whether you’re swimming in a chlorinated pool, a freshwater lake, or the ocean, particles and bacteria in the water could infect the incision site and cause a number of complications. Even with a surgical covering or a bathing suit or piece of clothing over the incision, there is still a chance of bacteria getting in.

Schedule A Consultation

Following these easy tips during your recovery can help you have a successful summer and avoid complications and additional surgeries.

If you’re interested in having a procedure and want to learn more about the recovery process and what to avoid, scheduling a consultation with Leland M. Deane, MD is a great first step. Dr. Deane can help you build a treatment plan that fits your needs and helps you achieve your desired results.

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