5 Reasons to Schedule Your Plastic Surgery for the Winter

By Dr. Deane on August 26, 2021 under Plastic Surgery

5 Reasons to Schedule Your Plastic Surgery for the Winter

Undergoing plastic surgery requires planning ahead and a commonly asked question is: when is the best time to have plastic surgery? As schedules regulate in the fall after summer vacations, it is a great time to begin the consultation process with the intent to schedule surgery in the winter. There are a lot of reasons that winter is the best time schedule your plastic surgery. As you schedule your consultation with Dr. Deane, here are some things to keep in mind.

1. You’ll Need Time Off

During winter, you can take time off without many questions asked because of the holiday season. This means that, if you need discretion when it comes to your procedure and recovery, you can plan extended time at home without drawing too much attention from your job or social groups. Additionally, depending on your job, you may have floating holidays that you can use to extend your recovery.

2. Avoiding the Sun

After plastic surgery, it’s extremely important to minimize your exposure to the sun since UV rays can interfere with the healing process and increase the chances of visible scarring. During winter, you’re much less likely to experience direct sunlight. The cold weather also ensures you’ll spend less time outdoors, which means you can easily avoid the sun. As the temperatures start to rise, you should use sunscreen daily to reduce pigmentation and ensure you get the most out of your results.

3. Covering Up

Sutures, incisions, bruising, and swelling are all telltale signs that you’ve undergone plastic surgery. Fortunately, it’s much easier to conceal these signs during winter since you’ll likely be bundling up against the cold. Compression garments can also be hidden under warm clothing if you’ve undergone a minimally-invasive procedure.

4. Getting a Boost

It can be hard to feel excited during wintertime when the cold weather and shorter days don’t seem to end. Despite the holidays, it’s normal to feel a little down during the winter months. If you’ve been considering plastic surgery, then waiting until the winter months can be a great way to get a boost by anticipating your final results as winter comes to an end.

5. Planning Ahead

During summer, it’s common for events like reunions, vacations, and weddings to take place. Make sure you’re ready to tackle each of these upcoming events by giving yourself time to fully recover and observe your final results. Even though you may be back to work in two to three weeks, it can take even longer for your final results to emerge. Schedule your procedure during the winter so you can deal with bruising, swelling, and other side effects before showing off your new results during the summer.

Schedule a Consultation

Winter is one of the best times to undergo plastic surgery with the help of a board certified plastic surgeon. Additionally, fall is a great time to begin the process of meeting with your surgeon to asses needs and have surgeries scheduled. To meet with Dr. Deane and learn more about your options, we invite you to contact our Garden City office by calling or filling out our online form.