How Will My Breast Implants Feel?

By Dr. Deane on August 26, 2021 under Breast Augmentation

How Will My Breast Implants Feel?

In recent years, over 300,000 women have chosen to undergo breast implant surgery. Nearly 50% of people who make the decision to enhance their breasts are between the ages of 19 and 34. Nearly 40% are between the ages of 34 and 50. People choose breast augmentation surgery for many reasons, ranging from a lack of confidence, a loss of fullness after childbirth or weight loss, having asymmetrical or disproportionate breast size, and the desire to have a more voluptuous figure. Regardless of the reason, this popular cosmetic procedure is a personal choice that should make a woman feel good about herself. If you are considering giving your cup size a boost, you are sure to have questions. One of the most pressing questions for many breast augmentation patients is whether the implants will feel like your natural breasts.

How Do Healthy Breasts Feel?

Not all breasts are created equal. Some women have breasts that feel very firm. Strong pectoral muscles and little fat from an active lifestyle can result in mainly glandular tissues in the breasts. Glandular tissue is what makes breasts rounded, and it has a firmer feel than fat and provides strong support for a youthful-looking breast. The fatty tissue in breasts makes them softer and less rounded. Breasts could feel softer and have more give or they may be on the firm side. All this plays into the goals of breast augmentation for a natural result that looks and feels as close to the natural condition of the breasts.

Changes to Breast Tissue Over Time

Your breasts are not going to feel the same throughout your lifetime. As you get age, changes in skin laxity, fat deposits, and certainly pregnancy and childbirth can alter the appearance and shape of the breasts. Pregnancy can make your breasts to swell to a much larger size, but after finishing breastfeeding, they can feel deflated. They could also end up feeling firmer due to hormonal changes. Breast implant surgery can help you to get the shape and texture that you prefer, whether you had it in the past or not.

How Will Breast Implants Feel?

If you want your breasts to feel firm with little give, saline implants are the way to go. If you want them to feel softer, opt for silicone implants. Gummy bear implants may also be available for those who want a medium amount of firmness. During consultations with Dr. Deane, you’ll feel different implants and discuss different surgical techniques that will affect the final feel of your chosen implant.

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